I’m sorry! Really!

I hate to say it, but I’ve closed the beta for Distant Star. It’s looking pretty good, from what I hear; it sounds like we’ve ironed out most of the bugs and general roughness from some of those early builds. If you’ve been participating in the beta I’d really like your comments on the version that just went out; it’s got a bunch of new UI stuff, plus tweaks and spit-polish pretty much throughout the game. Killer AI, too.

Maybe too killer? I don’t know — you tell me!

The response we received from folks wanting to beta test the game, especially from existing players, has been absolutely incredible. I can’t tell you awesome it is to fix a bug or polish up a feature, send out a build, and get email back within the hour on whether or not we fixed the bug or whether the feature is worth keeping. You guys absolutely rock; keep it coming!

PS If you’ve been active in the beta, expect an email in the next few days asking for some information from you. It’s always been my policy (and, by default, it’s now Blazing Griffin policy) that anyone who seriously helps test Distant Star should be credited by name and should get to name a planet. So, that’s your homework: name your planet!

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