You’ve heard of a ‘method actor’ right?  The term refers to someone who utterly immerses himself into the world of a character in order to portray that character more authentically. Well, that being the case, I like to think of myself as possibly the world’s first ‘method composer’.

Ever since I began working on Dino Tribes my studio has rapidly transformed into the Amazon rainforest and is now overflowing with assorted tribal ornaments, projections of luscious jungle artwork and hours of rainforest ambience playing on a constant loop. I have even slept to the soothing tones of jungle birds singing in the trees for several nights over the course of the project. I’ve honestly never been so chilled out in my life.

Now I realise that all of this seems somewhat excessive and thats because it is. But aside from the fact that its been a tremendous amount of fun, this extravagantly unnecessary behaviour has really allowed me to develop a clear vision for the environment that the sounds are to live within. From the outset I wanted everything to sound as if it belonged and this rather eccentric method has helped me to decipher whether or not a sound seamlessly inhabits the world of Dino Tribes…I promise there is a sort of point to this madness!

So needless to say I’m really enjoying my journey with Dino Tribes and I can’t wait to see the music in the finished game. I’ve still got a couple more weeks of drowning in bongo drums ahead of me but its all coming together nicely.

Big thanks to the lovely people at Blazing Griffin for the way they’ve invited me into the team on this project and made me feel so welcome!

Garry Ferrier – Composer and Sound Designer for Dino Tribes.

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