Much like an oversized carrier pigeon, The Griffin has landed with some massive news!  Since earlier this year, we have been co-developing APB Retribution alongside Reloaded Productions!

So, what is APB Retribution?

APB Retribution is a top-down tactical shooter developed for mobile and set in the same universe as the popular MMO APB Reloaded.

Seeking bloody vengeance against Old Harry, the Horca leader who left you for dead. You must navigate through a complete singleplayer story – complemented with hand painted levels – where every step you take is a sheer fight for survival.

Make use of a wide array of weapons and equipment to hack, slash, maim, and shoot your way through the dilapidated backstreets of San Paro. Battle Horca clan members, bosses, and other characters using one-shot tactical combat to gain the upper hand in tough-to-clear urban locations.

Enough talk!

Disco Infernum

Want more info?

You can check out the APB Retribution website and keep up to date with the game on Facebook or Twitter

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