As many of you know, we released APB Retribution last month on iOS and we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for their ongoing support with the game. We’ve had some excellent feedback since the game went live from both players and critics alike. We’re taking the comments on board and will keep making improvements based on this feedback.

All that aside, APB Retribution’s development is still ongoing, so we’ve decided to give you an update for those interested in its progress.

Fixes, balancing and new content!

As it stands, we’re looking to have a new version of the game out in early February. This version will include some major gameplay improvements such as:

  • Player responsiveness – We’ve improved latency issues that some players were having when moving and shooting
  • Enemy AI – We’ve tweaked how the enemies react towards the player and with other enemies to make the reactive nature of all characters closer to our original intent.
  • Performance optimisations – Various optimisations have been made to the game, including bug fixes

We will also be bringing Retribution[s story to a close by adding the last four levels:

  • Dissent – An old church converted into a games arcade
  • Downstreet – An abandoned SPPD building
  • Trampa Favela – An area of San Paro so dangerous, that Enforcers and regular police dare not show their faces
  • El Hoyo – Old Harry[s Haunt

We want everyone’s gameplay experience to be the best it can be, so we will continue to work on further updates and bug fixes. Over the coming weeks we will be talking in-depth with the dev team about Retribution’s story, art, and gameplay mechanics to give you some idea of how it evolved from its initial concept to the game that you see today.

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