OK, it’s time to come clean. We’ve been hinting at a big announcement for a few weeks, and now that we’ve finally signed the deal we can make it public: Blazing Griffin has purchased ‘The Ship: Murder Party’ from Outerlight.

Wait, what? More importantly, why?

Let us explain.

A few months ago we found out about Outerlight’s impending demise and, being fans of The Ship, realised that it would be a crying shame to let such a truly unique game vanish without a trace. Not just that, but we see a lot of unexplored potential in what’s there, and the game still has an active and passionate community of players — exactly the kind of folks we want to make games for.

As for the future of The Ship, well — she’s being steered towards uncharted seas as we speak. With a bit of luck and a fair headwind we’ll be able to let you know the exact nature of our (bold! daring! courageous!) plans for The Ship and her crew sometime soon.

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