With March looming ever closer the Blazing Griffin team are taking flight to a number of game conferences. Yes, we’re spreading our wings and attending the PAX East and the Games Developers Conference (GDC) events, as well as our local Game in Scotland, earlier in the month.  We’re a gregarious Griffin so we’d be happy to talk to people and discuss what we’re up to at the events, with a certain Distant Star on show.

Let’s start with PAX East (22-24 March) in Boston where Stephen Hewitt will be talking on the “Want a Good Story in Your Game? Get an Indie!” panel. Stephen will be joined by a number of other indie story writers who will be explaining the value of good story in a game and the effects a significant and well written background can provide. The panel also includes Jon Ingold [Co-founder, Creative Director, inkle], Phil Tossell [Game Creator, Nyamyam], Andrew Plotkin [Interactive Fiction Writer] and Dave Gilbert [Game Designer, Wadjet Eye Games] and is set to take place on Friday 22nd March in the Merman Theatre.

Stephen will be present for the rest of the convention too, so if anyone would like to meet up with him for a chat then please drop us a line.

We return to the GDC Expo for our second year (26-29 March)in San Francisco; with Peter van der Watt, Trevor Fountain, Andy Watson, Paul Scott Canavan and Gillian Patterson attending on our behalf. You’ll be able to find them at the Scottish Stand in the venue and they’ll be happy to talk to you about Distant Star, Full Steam Ahead and potentially hint at some new projects we have at hand, if agreements have come to fruition. We really understand the importance of the GDC and love being there; it provides a marvellous opportunity to talk face-to-face with other developers, possible investors, game development luminaries and potential creative partnerships. As always our team will be delighted to meet up with any of these. Please feel free to get in contact so we can sort something out.

Last, but not least, and far earlier in March Trevor Fountain and Phil Harris will be at the Game in Scotland event (9 March) in Dundee. Game in Scotland gives an opportunity for people, interested in getting into the industry, to talk to developers across Scotland, here talks about their companies and debate the games industry as a whole.

So if you’re at all or any of these events come and talk to us, whether it is for work, business or pleasure, we’ll be happy to make your acquaintance.

If you want to arrange a meet up for any of these events then please contact us through support@blazinggriffin.com

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