It’s been a busy few months for Blazing Griffin as we’ve been leading up to the Alpha launch of Distant Star: Revenant Fleet (now on Greenlight if you want to head along and vote for us!), which means we haven’t had time to introduce our new team members!  Without further ado, here we go;


Patrick Cowan Production Director

A gamer since the 1970’s, Patrick has worked with Sony, Eidos and SEGA with projects including Gran Turismo, Soul Reaver and House of the Dead.  Patrick has joined the Blazing Griffin team as Production Director where he is working with our Producer, Melissa Knox to develop our production process for upcoming projects.

Patrick is a lover of survival horror games and like most of us at Blazing Griffin, has an addiction to bad TV!


Jason Kocemba Technical Director

Jason has become a Blazing Griffin company greybeard.  He’s been making games professionally since the year 2000 (and as a hobby for many years before that!). Some game highlights he’s worked on: “The Ship” (including the original Half Life 1 Ship mod), “Dark Planet: Battle for Natrolis”, “Bloody Good Time”; and on PlayStation Home: “No Man’s Land”, “Acorn Meadows Park”, “Audi Technology Experience”, “Audi Vertical Run”, among others.

He’s always been a proponent of using existing technology to create games rather than build your own. He believes that creators now have an incredible choice of game engines to choose from and because of this we are seeing an explosion of Indie produced titles that are pushing gaming in all kinds of new and exciting niche directions.  He loves working with the diverse personalities that make up game studios and also that there’s always something new to learn.

Some of his favourite games: Elite (the original, but he’s also loving Elite: Dangerous!), Monkey Island, Half Life 2, Borderlands, Kingpin, XCOM, Command and Conquer, Dead Island, Desktop Dungeons, Dota 2, Worms, Alien Breed, Cannon Fodder


Sean McIlroy 2D/UI Artist

Sean is an illustrator and printmaker by trade, but his love for games and interactive media has brought him to Blazing Griffin. He has won a Scottish Bafta for the Lucky Frame classic ‘Bad Hotel’, and worked on the Oscar Nominated film ‘ The Illusionist’.

Anyone who has seen the Steam Trading Cards for The Ship, or the memes we launched last month, Sean was the one who created them!  He’s also been working on adding some animations to Dino Tribes, as well as doing some character concept work for Distant Star: Revenant Fleet!


Ewan McKenzie QA Tester

Ewan studied Game Production Management at Abertay University before working with Ruffian Games as a QA Tester on Crackdown 2.  He then moved on to Eutechnyx, starting as Lead QA Tester and then Associate Producer on mobile titles and Auto Club Revolution, a F2P PC racer.

Ewan joined the team here at Blazing Griffin to develop and implement the QA process for the company, starting with our current development, Distant Star: Revenant Fleet, which his quickly made him an expert with the game.  Definitely the person to talk to if you need some tips!

A self-confessed Nintendo fanboy when he was younger, Mario Kart holds a place in his heart as his favourite game!

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