There are a few sore heads in the studio this morning, but lots of happy faces!

It was a fantastic honour to receive a BAFTA last night for Distant Star: Revenant Fleet.  A lot of hard work went into producing the game and we’re pleased that we were also able to take on a lot of input from players during Early Access.  Quite a few features of the game were suggested by players and every review, video and comment from players through the development process was noted, summarised and passed onto the team.  While this did add a lot more work for us (actually, quite a lot more than we had anticipated!), we’re extremely happy the result was worth the extra effort.

We’d like to thank all the players who took the time to get involved with the project and also the local games industry here in Scotland and across the UK who are incredibly supportive.  It’s a tough business we’re all in but the people in this industry really are what helps it thrive.

Thank you all!

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