Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is moving into Beta today, which means our focus will be on performance optimisation and content balancing.  We would expect this process to take us through to the end of March – that said, the nature of the work that’s ahead of us may mean that might change!

Alpha was very much about presenting the concept of the game to players, letting you play around with it and listen to what you had to say.  It’s been really useful for us and we’re still working through the massive list of feedback and feature requests!  That’s a good process because feature requests are very black and white – we can add them or we can’t (and there’s generally a good reason for either option).

Beta will work differently because we’re not dealing with black and white features – we’re dealing with pretty subjective aspects of gameplay which everyone will have an opinion on.  To give an example, there are two entries in our current feedback list:

  1. Missions are too long
  2. Missions are too short

Both are valid points of view – we’re certainly taking them on board, but obviously we can’t have it both ways!

What we’re doing in Beta

  • Combat Balancing – the current update improves the resilience of ships, but there’s still a lot to be done.  We’ll be adding a lot of new attachments which will give you more abilities in combat.  In addition we’re looking at issues relating to targeting and target prioritisation.
  • Performance Optimisation – our team will look at improving the general performance of the game.
  • Mission Flow – we’re looking at ways to vary up missions more and generally improve the experience of each playthrough.
  • UI & Usability – we’ve added more tooltips with the most recent patch, but we’ll also be looking at ways to improve how the game is played.
  • Rewards / Shops – we’ve had a lot of feedback about how mission rewards and shops work.  We expect this to improve as we add more attachments, but we’re still looking at other improvements here.

So what we’re going to do is to open up discussion on key areas of the game so you can let us know what you think (feel free to start your own discussion on our forums or the Steam community as well).  We’ve updated the Development Roadmap with link to main discussions and info on what’s already been done.

Many thanks to everyone who was with us throughout Alpha and we hope you enjoy how the game progresses through Beta.

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  1. tdiveley8807

    Just got the game yesterday. This game is a blast. However, I think it gets too hard too quick without any shops to upgrade anything. Maybe enemies that you can track all the time so you can attack more carefully with the current difficulty of game play. Levels are too long for the number of buttons you don’t press during fights. so not that it’s too long just not fast enough gameplay sometimes. Last thing you should give a better tutorial on how to use the multiple ships and how auto and manual guns work. Lot of cool stuff but we just need a few more tools to have fun and explore. Otherwise this was exactly the game I have been looking for. Thanks!

    • Blazing Griffin

      Hey thanks for your feedback!

      The availability of shops and upgrades, and the general flow of combat is something the team is looking at just now so we’re hoping to have some improvements on that front pretty soon.

      Glad you like what you see so far!

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