We’re delighted to announce that alpha access for our space-based RTS title, Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is available on today.

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet puts you in command of a small fleet of A’kari ships as you make your way across several sectors of the galaxy. Each class of ship has a unique set of functions to perform and can be upgraded along the way. But be warned, damage and even death is permanent and will persist from mission to mission.

All the team here at Blazing Griffin are really happy to be able to bring rogue-like elements to a space RTS game and hope you like the result!

Throughout Alpha phase, we’ll be adding more content and features to the game, including:

  • Galaxy Map – the first release offers a single Sector map – the full game will include multiple Sector maps and a larger Galaxy map to explore.
  • Mission Types – different mission types will be added to the game.  Each mission mode will randomly produce a different mission type.
  • Maps – each mission type will be played on a different map type (which will also be further randomised).
  • Story Content – more story content will be added to the game.
  • Ship Upgrades – limited upgrades options are available on early alpha launch, with significantly more being added after launch.
  • Final Battle – a custom map and mission type for the end game battle.
  • Player Feedback – we will include player feedback and ideas taken from our Alpha forums.

Many thanks for your interest in Distant Star: Revenant Fleet and we very much hope you enjoy the game.


During Alpha phase, Distant Star: Revenant Fleet will be available at an earlybird price of only £4.99!  An excellent price that allows you get involved with the development of a great new RTS title!

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