Excise eSports will be entering the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare tournament at Insomnia55.  Blazing Griffin is pleased to sponsor their attendance at the event.

i55 is the latest event held by the Insomnia Gaming Festival at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry and combines a massive LAN, a growing exhibition, prize-based competitive gaming tournaments, and other interesting activities within the package of an inclusive, gaming-focused social atmosphere

Commenting on the sponsorship, Blazing Griffin’s Manager Director, Peter van der Watt commented, “This was an easy decision for us.  Competitive gaming is fantastic for the industry and it’s a pleasure to support the team and the event in this manner.  The team here at Blazing Griffin wish Excise eSports the best of luck with the tournament.”

Team members Callam Hickox and Mike McMillan both attended i54 and won three Free For All tournaments, with Callam winning one and Mike winning the other two.

Commenting on his experiences with the event, Callam noted, “Insomnia events are better than others as they are bigger and there is much more of community feel around the place. When I won the FFA tournament and was walking around with the big cheque people were talking to me and congratulating me. I even spoke to the head marketing manager of Astro Gaming. There is so much potential at Insomnia for us to get our names out there as one of the up and coming European CoD eSports teams.”

The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare tournament begins on Saturday the 29th of August and pits teams of four against each other in a double elimination format, before crowning the Summer Champions on Sunday the 30th.

EXCISE ESPORTS is a 4 man team which is comprised of Callam “BobCat” Hickox, Michael “Echelon” McMillan, Tom “Abstract” McCauley and Stephen “Sohjik” Cameron.

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